Children of the Sun

Water and Fire

After Unquenched Fire, Wren, and Shalar escaped from the Wyld Hunt, the force of Anathema-killers turned its attention on the others. Cale embarked into the forest to find his friends, but, instead, the Wyld Hunt found him. One of the members of the Wyld Hunt shot him with an arrow. He disengaged and ran deeper into the forest to hide in safety. Salara and Jerin were targeted as well, and both were likewise injured. Salara defended Jerin, allowing her to cast a spell that devastated many mortal troops, though their leaders remained unscathed.

Unquenched Fire, Wren, and Shalar went back into the burning forest to save their friends. Unquenched Fire was carried by Wren. Noticing the Dragon Blooded commander from earlier, Unquenched Fire dropped from the sky, landing on her in a vicious grapple while using Charms to land safety. Archers fired at Unquenched Fire, but she was unharmed. She took the incapacitated commander’s lance and fled into the safety of the river. Shalar emerged from the forest and crushed several opponents with a slab of granite.

Meanwhile, Salara and Cale fought a green-haired Dragon Blooded assassin. He mocked them as they fought, but Cale was able to wound him before he escaped. Jerin and Salara guided the others across the river to escape the fire, where the group was mostly reunited. Evar was presumed dead and Shalar was already on his way to Nexus. Jerin used the last of her essence to bring the Circle back to Nexus.

Outside of the city, the Circle discussed the plans they had acquired from Widow as Jerin tended to the wounded. Unquenched Fire suggested that they copy the plans before turning them over to the Cult of the Illuminated, which Salara will do. Widow was not pleased with this turn of events, but seemed to comply, perhaps to thank the Circle for exceeding mission parameters and rescuing her.

Most of the circle went home to eat, relax, and rest. Unquenched Fire wrote a letter to her mother.

Awards: 3 (Basic Award), 5 (Story Award). Cale +1 (3-die stunt), Unquenched Fire +1 (Log)



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