Children of the Sun

Oh, Furious Memory!

After the escapade with the undead creature, the Circle continued their waterborne travels, following Shalars directions to the best of their ability. Their travels remained, thus far, uninterrupted and soon they came to the decimated shores of a fishing village.

The sight was a somber one for Shalar, his once home a charred wreck of broken homes and painful memories. Exploration of the ruins was strained, many buildings risking outright collapse at the slightest touch. Such fact, however, did not stop Unquenched Fire from kicking a few doors down, much to Shalars anger.

Few trinkets where discovered, most of the scant belongings of the village and its people long since sold off or destroyed. Despite there being little evidence of a trail to follow the Circle pressed onward, coaxing information and ill begotten memories from the Lion-man.

From what Shalar could remember, the people that took his sister and destroyed his home was a massive group, the guards of which wore white robes and silver masks. Further prodding revealed that those captured where taken to a well fortified town of sorts near a cavern.

More so, the white robed group had broken into Shalars village with a massive creature, evidence of it’s presence nothing more than a littering of spiders silk and gossamer webbing.

The question next was where to go from there.

Awards: 3 XP (Basic Award)



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