Children of the Sun


Spiderman and the Assassin

While exploring the strange temple in the pocket of the Wyld that the party had ventured into, they came across a Solar Eclipse Caste assassin who was stuck in spider webs. Once freed, the assassin, Demitrius, joined the party for the time being (under Fire’s watchful eye, of course).

Cale caught the sound of Jerin far off and the party left the temple to find Jerin and Shalar’s sister locked inside a large mansion in the same pocket of Wyld. With the prisoners were around 30 men chanting in preparation for some manner of ritual to be performed by the one called ’The Master".

The master is a Chimera. A lunatic Lunar Exalted who is half man and half spider.

Cale, Wren, and Demitrius scaled the wall of the mansion to find themselves on a balcony overlooking the two story main room where the ceremony was to take place. Shalar and Unquenched Fire made their way underground into a sewer that ended in a cistern room with four pillars below the mansion’s main room, while Grace waited outside.

Cale made his way into the main room and began to stealth-kill several chanters after having Demitrius send a message to Fire and Shalar to smash through the floor at a specific place and time.

After the kills were made, Cale made his way to the cage holding Shalar’s sister, picked the lock, and removed her to cover just before Shalar and Fire smashed through the floor, dropping and killing half of the chanters and enraging the Master. During this, Demitrius also found himself useful in taking out two other chanters from his vantage point above.

Hearing the ruckus outside, Grace made a charge for the two men standing guard outside of the mansion and ended them swiftly before heading inside to meet with the others.

Quick Breakdown
Synopsis: The party ran into a Solar assassin in the Wyld temple before locating Jerin and Shalar’s sister in a mansion in the Wyld where the “Master” is performing a ritual.
Notable Characters: The Circle, Demitrius, The Master
Locations: Temple in the Wyld pocket and Mansion there as well.

In Game Rewards

Basic Award: +3 to all
3 point Stunt +1 to Jay
Log: +1 to Jay
RP: +1 Mishelle

Important IC Notes
A new member has joined the party, and Shalar is about to find some peace for past tragedies.

OOC Notes
Participating Players: Jay, Selene, Palmer, Beth, Melanson, Jennifer, and Mishelle



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