Children of the Sun

A Log of Loggers

Haha, its because... we delt with loggers... get it? Ha... haha....

Shalar’s home town offered little answers to the question at hand, and as such the group decided to go south to the nearby logging camp. To their surprise, they found it not only survived the attack on Shalar’s home, but it was inhabited. Cale and Wren scouted ahead to determine it was safe. Soon after, the party continued on into the camp.

They were met with suspicion, but were permitted to stay to speak to Typhus, the black smith from Shalar’s old village. Typhus had not fared well over the years, baring many physical and mental scars. This proved too much for Jerin, who limit broke on the spot and took off north to attempt to find the ones responsible. The entire Circle gave chase, leaving Grace in the dust.

Unquenched Fire, who had been guarding Grace’s boat up until now, came into the camp not long after the Circle’s departure. After learning what happened, she bartered a sword for a horse and made off after them, picking up scattered members of the circle as she went.

Jerin was quickly lost by the entire Circle, though Shalar’s tireless stamina carried him all the way to the camp Jerin came to find. He was, however, trapped in a massive spider web due to his blind charge, unable to escape until Fire and the rest of the circle arrived to help cut him free. The session ended with the Circle overlooking the camp and beholding an erected temple in the distance.

Quick Breakdown
Notable Characters: The Circle, Typhus
Locations: Shalar’s home town, the Logging Camp, Unknown Temple

In Game Rewards

Basic Award: +4 to Jay, Palmer, Beth, Melanson, Jennifer, Selene
Log: +1 to Melanson
RP: +1 Melanson

Important IC Notes
Cale and Wren had a large argument with Shalar due to his emotions getting the better of him.
Jerin is currently MIA and must be found.
Shalar has expressed that he will not be satisfied until the camp leader is dead.

OOC Notes
Participating Players: Jay, Selene, Palmer, Beth, Melanson, Jennifer


You’re going to hell for this one’s title.

A Log of Loggers

Shouldn’t it have been “Badgering of the Loggers” or “A Jam with Loggers”? If there had been dancing, it could have been “he Rhythm of Loggers”. Enjoying the story as it progresses.

A Log of Loggers

Thank you, Eraser. We are having fun playing it as it goes. :) I’ve been blessed with great players, and we have a great deal of fun.

A Log of Loggers

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